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No Obligation Proposal

The first step in approaching an “In the Cloud Organization” is to get a current understanding of your G & A organization.  How much does it cost and what is your targeted cost? A 20% savings should be achievable.  There are several approaches to designing a G & A organization.

1)    A 100% “In the Cloud” dedicated G & A staff.

2)    A hybrid internal and external staff.

We can price your organization to accomplish cost savings goals in several ways:

1)    Hourly pricing

2)    Monthly fixed cost pricing

3)    A hybrid approach, combining both hourly and fixed pricing.

The solution will be custom tailored to your organizational needs, meeting the top down cost structure that makes sense for your business.  The G & A function is quickly evolving to this approach, general ledgers are now hosted in the cloud, meetings can be held in virtual conference rooms.

Harness this technology for your Company’s competitive advantage.

Call Michael E. Brown – Founder at (717) 201-3761 or email for a no obligation analysis and recommendation.